Elmo gets shafted

Elmo stared at the intramural softball schedule without blinking. He simply couldn’t fathom the horror. His team, The Clownfish, was 2-2 and needed one more win to make the playoffs. But they had to face the fabled Hell’s Elk. “Curse the schedule maker!” Elmo barked. “All we can do now is pray for rain.” But while the forecast called for northwest winds up to 25 mph and a high near 60, there was no mention of showers. Elmo prepared for a 2-3 finish to his team’s season. “Hell’s Elk. They’re a bunch of bad mother-“
“Take comfort, pal,” Chester said, “Tuesday they play Satan’s Kittens and they’ll be sorry it will be partly sunny with a high of 60 to 65.”

extended forecast: