NCAA to UND: Don’t bring logo to postseason

by Andrew Krammer

University of North Dakota varsity sports will risk forfeiting any post-season game if their athletes, cheerleaders or band wear or display the school's controversial Fighting Sioux nickname and American Indian head logo, according to the Associated Press.

Bernard Franklin, an NCAA executive vice presient, said in a letter on Wednesday to the university provost Paul LeBel that the program “must forfeit competition” if “it has not adhered to this requirement” in any post-season competition that the Grand Forks school is invited to play in.

The nickname and logo have long been looked down upon by the NCAA and have been suggested to not be used in post-season play. But, this is the first threat of forfeit to UND by the NCAA.

UND's women's hockey team is fifth in the nation and could be the first affected by the sanctions.