Senate race holds promise

Voting for change is only one reason we endorse Amy Klobuchar.

In the upcoming election, Minnesotans will have the chance to voice their opinion on our country’s direction. We believe it should not only be a vote for change, but a vote for someone who has already served our community well.

Ever since the Republicans gained control of Congress, we’ve seen them do very little to make our country proud and even less to bring our country together. Under their watch, deficits have skyrocketed while tax cuts for the wealthy have been extended. Costs of living have increased while real wages have remained the same. Not to mention the persistent increases in tuition that ran parallel with decreases in federal aid for college students. In so many ways, this Congress has neglected their duty of service and we’re not about to send another rank-and-file confederate such as Mark Kennedy to perpetuate this problem. However, voting for change is only one reason we endorse Amy Klobuchar.

As Hennepin County Attorney, she has demonstrated her character and dedication to Minnesota. She has shown her ability to prosecute effectively and put the public first. She expressed opposition to the elimination of the juvenile crime unit in Hennepin County. Many, including Minneapolis Police Chief Tim Dolan, partly attribute the program’s demise to the higher crime rate in Minneapolis. It indicates that she is an independent thinker and that’s something we need in Washington.

We believe she has the leadership skills that make a good senator. Running the Hennepin County District Attorney’s office is no small feat. She oversees over 170 lawyers who work with over 36 police departments in prosecuting 10,000 criminal cases each year. The ability to effectively manage and work with several disparate entities is something that is essential in politics.

The decision between these two candidates and their respective parties is clear. Based on the history and qualities of each, we can be assured that Klobuchar will diligently fight for the people of Minnesota. Republicans have struck a consistent tune and we know it by heart. But, this time, no one is clapping for an encore.