Frank Taylor

In his 31 years of teaching, Frank Taylor saw an authority shift in the classroom from the teachers to the students.
Now the Republican wants to change that if he is elected as a U.S. Representative.
“We need to put the teachers back in control,” Taylor said. “Kids can say anything in class, not do homework and disrupt the class.”
He said he has seen students hit and kick teachers — and once in Chicago he saw students hang a teacher out of a window.
“Teachers are government officials, just like police officers,” he said. “If you kill a police officer, you will go to jail for a long time.”
Taylor said when students understand that, respect will be restored to the teachers. He proposes filtering money from building renovations to the teachers.
Taylor finished his classwork for a doctorate degree in educational policy at the University in 1994, but has yet to complete his dissertation. He said he understands how students have trouble with finances in college.
“I had a devil of a time getting money to finish my Ph.D.,” Taylor said. He proposes not taxing students so they have more money to pay tuition. Taylor, an African-American, wants to get rid of all the different financial aid offices on campuses, including the office for minority financial aid.
“All the money comes from the same place anyway, why add another hoop to jump through?”