Regents discuss flier miles

The Board of Regents Financial Operations Committee decided unanimously Thursday to send a letter to all University departments reminding them to turn over frequent flier miles to a central University fund.
State law requires staff of all public institutions to give their employers frequent flier miles earned on business trips. University employees must give the miles to their departments and the departments in turn must put the credits in a central pool for University use.
But many frequent flier miles are not submitted. The letter, which will be sent Friday, should alert the departments that a problem exists, said Regent William Peterson.
“What we are telling them is this is state law and they must be in compliance,” Peterson said.
Committee members hinted that in the future, disciplinary measures might be taken against those who fail to turn in their miles, but no members mentioned what those measures would be.
Last June, regents asked Northwest Airlines, the University’s most frequently used airline, to collect the frequent flier miles and put them into one fund, but Northwest refused.
— Chris Vetter