Awareness reduces construction hassles

New students usually have difficulty navigating their way around campus. But this year, they will have more trouble than usual because of all of the new construction. While the new projects will certainly enhance the campus, they will just as surely compound new students’ difficulties finding their way to class.
Several construction projects are currently underway on both the East and West banks, barely leaving any space untouched by detour signs, fences and bulldozers. One area of campus has an especially high amount of construction projects — Church Street just north of Washington Avenue Southeast — where Ford, Murphy, Amundson, Millard and Owre halls are being worked on, in addition to the Mechanical Engineering building and Lyon Labs. Additionally, the West Bank and Northrop plaza are being renovated, and other projects include the University Gateway center and the new women’s soccer and hockey stadiums.
This construction will cause delays for both resident and commuter students. Commuter students will encounter congestion on Washington Avenue Southeast and at the Church Street garage, and will have to find other routes to avoid being late. University buses could also suffer delays because of the increased traffic from construction vehicles. Students will encounter detours, often by surprise, on their walks through campus.
The delays the construction has the potential to cause can be reduced by adequate planning. Students should familiarize themselves with the particular projects that will affect their schedules and make appropriate adjustments.