The Daily Digest, Sunday edition

Mike Rose

The Daily Digest is here to give you a glimpse at University-related news from around the metro and state. The segment will provide a window into how other media outlets cover campus, as well as nuggets of news that might not make the day’s paper. Enjoy! *Every good week ends with a little gross news, so here’s a piece from the Star Tribune about some “unusual” treatment methods. “Microbiome,” or studying the bacterial ecosystem inside of people, is part of a $115 million federal research project that could lend some insight into ways of treating patients with different bacteria found within the body. Dr. Alex Khoruts, a gastroenterologist and associate professor of medicine at the University of Minnesota said, “People’s appreciation for the microbiome has changed. It’s a fascinating frontier.” *The AP picked up the story on the election not being an excusable absence from class, which the Daily covered Friday. University spokesman Dan Wolter said polls are open long enough for students to vote. He also noted that it ultimately comes down to each instructor whether to enforce the policy or not. Minnesota law does allow workers to take time off during the morning of general and primary elections without reductions in pay. Have a nice rest of your weekend and see you again Monday! Mike Rose City editor