Local food for Minneapolis

A new Homegrown Food Council is a step in the right direction.

Minneapolis has supported the local food industry for the past four decades, and now the recent creation of the Homegrown Minneapolis Food Council will take that support even further. The group plans to improve conditions for growing and selling food in Minneapolis.

This initiative is exactly what Minneapolis needs to boost the homegrown food industry. While many support the concept, this will give the local food industry the additional attention and regulation that it needs.

Having a sustainable community-level food source located so close to home will help create healthier habits for families, as well as help the economy at a local level. The homegrown food organization will help increase the percentage of locally grown food options in MinneapolisâÄô food market. It will keep codes and regulations up to date, making it easier for the local food growers to find land for growing and keep that space.

Minneapolis has proven itself to be a progressive, innovative city and should push for a top-notch local food industry. The city has already been rated number one for its bicycling and gay communities âÄî homegrown food could be another signature of the city.

While a stronger homegrown food source will provide healthier choices and boost MinneapolisâÄô economy, the food must also come at a reasonable price. A local food source is ideal, but if the food is too expensive, families wonâÄôt stick with it.

While the Homegrown Minneapolis City Council moves forward with this initiative, it should keep in mind affordability as well as accessibility. Twin Cities residents should plan on choosing homegrown foods instead of shopping at big grocery chains, which will help this industry grow.