Ole Hovde, Republican candidate for State Representative, District 59B

Many politicians nationally have been talking about change recently. What do you think needs to change in Minnesota, and how do you plan to address that? The biggest thing we need to change is the status of this district and the Legislature in this district. We need to see tuition freezes for students; tuition made affordable. We need to see the tax burden on the lower income class lifted, along with the drinking age lowered. We also need to invest in green energy. Those are the primary things that we need to change in Minnesota that we arenâÄôt going anywhere with right now. How would you encourage economic growth in Minnesota? We are losing businesses because we have the seventh-highest corporate tax rate in the nation âĦ lowering the tax burden on these big companies and keeping them here would help stimulate the economy. Along with that, lowering the taxes on small business owners. With tuition costs rising, what, if anything, would you do to make college more affordable? First of all, tuition freezes. The current legislator has voted against tuition freezes, I believe every time they have been offered. Tuition freezes are absolutely necessary throughout the state of Minnesota for public colleges and universities âĦ lowering interest rates on studentâÄôs loans, or work towards lowering them âĦ encouraging book companies not to charge so much. When you have students paying $1000 a semester on books, itâÄôs putting a huge burden on them. What is your stance on gay marriage? I am pro gay rights. What is your stance on abortion? I am pro-choice. Do you think more money should be invested in mass transit, and if so, where should this money come from? Mass transit is a tough one for me because you can look at any major city in the United States âĦ with a great mass transit system is water-locked on one side. Unfortunately we donâÄôt have that luxury, if you would call it that. We have to bring in trains from 360 degrees âĦ I would ask for federal money to build a light rail going around the Interstate 494/694 loop and have stations however far apart people want them, and run busses from there to downtown and downtown and back. Minnesota voters will have the opportunity to vote on the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment, which would increase the state sales tax to fund the environment and the arts in Minnesota. How do you feel about this amendment? ItâÄôs great in thought, I mean people have to be fools to say they donâÄôt love our environment. The protecting our environment part I support, but all of the add-ons and making it a constitutional amendment here in Minnesota is ridiculous. It raises taxes. Especially in this economy, raising taxes is only going to hurt more and more families throughout state of Minnesota and not help them. It is a very scandalous way for our legislators to get pork back to their districts.