UMN student-athlete charged with criminal sexual conduct

A Minnesota track and field athlete was charged with criminal sexual conduct for allegedly raping a woman in her campus apartment.


Morgan La Casse

Nolan O'Hara

A University of Minnesota track and field athlete was charged Tuesday with third-degree criminal sexual conduct in Hennepin County District court, according to a criminal complaint.

Kevin Nedrick, a rising senior, allegedly raped a woman in her campus apartment, after celebrating the woman’s roommate’s 21st birthday the previous night. 

According to the complaint, the victim’s roommate began throwing up and the victim was in the bathroom helping her. The victim left the bathroom to get her roommate water when Nedrick pushed her into her room and onto her bed before rolling on top of her. The victim believed Nedrick had a lot to drink. 

Per the complaint, the victim told Nedrick, “I don’t want to do this,” and repeatedly told him to stop. Nedrick only stopped when the victim told him she needed to check on her roommate. 

A security monitor entered the apartment and the victim told him what happened. The police were called and Nedrick was arrested in the hall outside the apartment. Nedrick is currently in custody. 

Nedrick is suspended from team activities, according to a statement the U gave the Star Tribune. Nedrick competed in shot put for the Gophers, earning seventh at the Big Ten Indoor Championships this season.

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