Executive Vice President and Provost announces grading changes for this academic year

University leaders announced several changes Friday, including extending the deadline to opt for S/N grading and allowing for any F grades to automatically be converted to an N.


Image by Sarah Mai

by Ava Thompson

Executive Vice President and Provost Rachel T.A. Croson announced in an email Friday that students will now have the option to change the grading basis for their classes until 11:59 on Nov. 30.

In addition, students who receive an F grade on the A/F grading system will have their grade automatically converted to an N on the S/N, or pass/fail, system, so as to not have it impact their GPA. This applies for both fall 2020 and spring 2021 semesters.

There is a clear distinction between the grading policy for this semester versus spring 2020, however: any classes taken pass/fail will not count toward major or minor degree requirements, despite student advocacy this fall.

These decisions came after consultation with the Minnesota Student Association and faculty governance.

The change to pass/fail will not automatically apply to D grades. However, the announcement said that students may request to have a D converted into an N by emailing One Stop Student Services from a university email account.

“I strongly urge you to check your APAS report, review the fact sheet on the One Stop website, and/or consult with your academic advisor before making any of these changes,” said Croson in her email to students.

The University also extended the last day to withdraw from Fall 2020 coursework to Dec.1.