Students turn on their camera to share what they’ve been wearing to “Zoom U”

A&E spoke to students about their stand-out “Zoom University” attire.


Photo Courtesy of Sarah Olson

by Meg Bishop, Arts and Entertainment Reporter

We’re living in the era of “Zoom University.” Some students long for the days when they could wear their newly thrifted chain link belt with their retro Jordans and be complimented for their outfit in Spanish class. Now, many students wake up ten minutes before lecture, grab their laptop and sit somewhere with their Zoom camera off.

But, some students still take pride in popping off a good fit, even if it’s via webcam. A&E talked to a few of these students using Zoom to spotlight their style.

 Photo Courtesy of Cyan Pampuch

Cyan Pampuch, a second-year student at the University of Minnesota, used to wear full ensembles of matching tops and bottoms, alongside thrifted clogs or sneakers. That was before the pandemic hit. Now, she occasionally puts on a vibrant top that gives a pop of color to her look, alongside drawing designs and patterns on her eyelids.

With all the time at home, Pampuch has taken up the habit of wearing outfits she never thought of wearing to school before. “I’ve noticed that during the age of Zoom and Zoom lectures, I’ve definitely become more experimental in how I dress,” Pampuch said. Crocheting fashion pieces like scarves and small tops has also become an addition to her quarantine look.

Second-year student Nina Karachunski has always been into art and designing clothing. This summer, she had more free time than ever to hone her skill and turn crochet bralettes into her new favorite fashion statements.

 Photo Courtesy of Nina Karachunski

Beyond wearing her hand-crocheted garments during class, she found that her lectures are a great time to work on more projects. “I compulsively knit or crochet or sew sometimes, and I’ll usually always be making something during my Zoom classes,” Karachunski said.

Many students who look to show off their style and unique character during Zoom craft or design their own clothes. Sarah Olson, a fourth-year fashion merchandising student, is the co-founder of a successful Depop shop, Cherry Vision.

Olson’s favorite fashion pieces include crop tops, primary colored pants, silk material and things that sparkle. Although she doesn’t always wear her DIY clothing items during Zoom lectures, that doesn’t stop her from still representing her style.

“My usual zoom attire would be my full face of makeup with lashes. Usually I’ll only put on a top that’s semi cute,” Olson said

After opening her Depop shop last year, the majority of her wardrobe has come from the site or thrift stores. “I would say a solid 30% of my wardrobe are items I got from sellers on Depop, so yeah they make their way in. I have a lace turtleneck that I’ve been dying to wear to class,” Olson said. Her shop’s niche focuses on vintage or specific clothing items you wouldn’t expect to easily find in stores today.