Q&A: Everybody’s favorite ‘honk rock’ band, VIAL

A&E spoke with the femme-punk outfit about new music, pandemic life and their favorite TikTokers.


Audrey Rauth

From left to right, Katie Fischer, Taylor Kraemer, KT Branscom, and Kate Kanfield, members of the local indie-punk band VIAL, pose for a portrait on Sunday, Jan. 31 in Minneapolis. VIAL was named City Pages’ “Best New Band” in 2020.

by Megan Phillips, Arts & Entertainment Reporter

VIAL was named City Pages’ (RIP) “Best New Band” in 2020. An indie punk quartet formed in mid-2019, VIAL has quickly made a name for itself, performing alongside acts like HUNNY, Bad Bad Hats and Origami Angel.

A&E sat down with VIAL bassist Kate Kanfield, keytarist Taylor Kraemer and guitarist KT Branscom to talk about their upcoming album release and what they’ve been up to since the pandemic began.

From left to right, Katie Fischer, Kate Kanfield, Taylor Kraemer, and KT Branscom, members of the local indie-punk band VIAL, pose for a portrait on Sunday, Jan. 31 in Minneapolis. VIAL is planning to release another album this summer. (Audrey Rauth)

How did you meet?

Taylor Kraemer: We all met at an after-school program — at least Kate, KT and I. It was fun, because it was where we learned to play music and it was a good kind of escape or reality there. Everyone was super emo. Katie was a little different. Katie is our drummer, and we met through Tinder, because we couldn’t find a drummer, and we knew a bunch of artsy people were on Tinder.

How has the past year been for you with COVID-19?

Kate Kanfield: It’s been kind of crazy. This year has been chaotic. It’s also had some hidden gems. We have been working on an album that we really got to see manifest, because we had a lot of extra time to work on it. We also got to start doing TikTok, which definitely isn’t the same as live shows, but has been a really fun way to connect with our audience and grow and have some fun.

When is your second album going to be released?

Kraemer: We have a very tentative plan right now. We’re crossing our fingers for an amazing mid-summer punk record that’s all about rebelling and being yourself. I think it would thrive in warm weather.

What can fans expect from your upcoming album?

Kanfield: It’s a bit of an extension of our first record which was all about coming-of-age and not really enjoying it and trying to figure out your place in the world. This one is a little more localized version. It’s a little angrier. But we also have a couple of indie pop songs. It’s a good mixture of genres. It’s about figuring out who you are and becoming more confident in yourself.

You’re very active on TikTok, what’s your favorite thing about TikTok?

KT Branscom: We can connect with a lot more people. We kind of blew up a bit on TikTok and our audience has grown all over the country.

Who is your favorite TikToker?

Branscom: @doctorpoopofficial. He’s just a guy from Minneapolis that has a cool voice, and he’s funny.

This interview has been lightly edited for style and clarity.