Some icy treats, artwork and beats

Keep your finger on this week’s local heat.

Nina Raemont

As we try to stay cool and as far away as possible from the burning sun this week, entertain yourself with some ice cold dessert from MN Nice Cream, some new artwork and music.

MN Nice Cream

Summer is notorious for a myriad of foods: watermelon, smoky BBQ, baseball stadium hot dogs, tomatoes, rhubarb. But out of all these foods, there is one that sneaks up on you in the summer heat and tells you, “Hey, wouldn’t an ice cream cone be soo good right now?” Yeah, ice cream rules the summer months. The closest ice cream shop to campus is MN Nice Cream, and it’s also the most decorative ice cream you’ll get around these bends. With some funky flavors and toppings galore, the shop produces some tasty treats and some Instagrammable food pics (if you’re into that).

Powderhorn Art Fair Preview

Today, tomorrow, Thursday and next week, make your way over to Lake Street and Chicago Avenue for a sneak preview of all of the unique pieces of art, jewelry and sculptures the Powderhorn Art Fair has to offer while jamming to live music from the Avant Garde. This year’s Powderhorn Art Fair in August marks thirty years running the local attraction. There’s bound to be some exceptional pieces found at the fair itself, but until then, you can sustain your art heart with this fair preview.

“Jubilee” by Japanese Breakfast

Michelle Zauner has made a name for herself for being sad. First, it came in the form of her New Yorker essay “Crying in H Mart,” where she wrote about losing her mother to cancer and finding comfort in the Korean grocery store. Then, this year brought a book of the same name. With the memoir soon to be turned into a movie, there is enough of Crying in H Mart to go all around. And while we patiently wait for the movie, we can listen to her album that is much less about sadness and more so about joy. Just like her stories, her lyrics are strong and her music is bright, written and produced with sober optimism.