Boru: We are finally out of the confines of online school

We are back on campus for in-person classes, so we need to shape our own narratives.


by Luul Boru

You know how we usually write New Year’s resolutions at the beginning of every year, and we don’t get to do even half of those resolutions by the end of the year? I want us to make similar resolutions for this school year, except we are going to make ones that are tangible and measurable.

Let’s go into this semester with words of affirmation by saying things like: “This year is going to be great,” “I am going to be true to myself,” “I am going to learn” and “I will be a better person.” Basically, hold onto any positive affirmations you can think of. When I think about words of affirmation, I think of them as saying kind words to myself or to somebody else. I believe we can be our own source of strength and happiness. So, let’s write our own stories of happiness and success this semester. We don’t need validation from anyone nor are we going to self-sabotage by seeking it.

As I walk from class to class, I see light coming from each one of us as we navigate our way around campus. Call me strange, but I honestly love seeing people again. There is so much good and potential in all of us. We can be great together with our beautiful different colors, shapes, creeds and personalities. Our differences are beautiful and they shouldn’t be used to uplift one group of people over another, in what is known as ethnocentrism. Let our differences be what attracts us to each other.

This year, let’s make it our mission to talk to other students who we wouldn’t have otherwise met due to not having any apparent similarities. You will be surprised to learn how we are different yet similar and how much this can be an exercise in character development.

Now, onto pointers on how to stay focused this school year.

Be on top of your schedule: keep track of when assignments are due and when you have exams. Try to get ahead if possible. Procrastination can even lead to serious health complications like high blood pressure and heart conditions. If you find yourself avoiding tasks that need to be done, break them down into manageable chunks. Having set priorities helps with combating laziness.

Try to socialize at every chance you get. The one feeling I hungered for during our online learning last year was talking to people I don’t know.

Now, I can say “hi” to my peers in class or at Starbucks and catch up on our day. It is a blessing to talk to people. Time will go by before you know it. While consumed in all the projects, papers, labs and exams, you will find yourselves stressed. Find what works for you to de-stress and manage your anxiety. For me, taking a walk helps clear my head and calm my nerves; but more than a walk, having a plan of order in which to tackle what needs to be done in order of priority removes a burden off my shoulders.

Prioritize your tasks. Don’t wait for them to accumulate. Smile because life is beautiful. Protect yourself and others by wearing masks. Make a new friend or even multiple friends. Let’s take advantage of the fresh air we breathe every morning. We get to wake up and have our motor and cognitive abilities functioning to go about our days. Remember, it’s your story to write, so make it beautiful with your beautiful soul. Make your school year resolution be about yourself because that is within our control.

Now, go and have a very wonderful semester.