Five things our A&E writers are loving this week

Some follow-worthy Instagram and TikTok accounts that are UMN-centric and more.

A&E Staff

School is in full swing and the festivities of homecoming have come and gone. Deal with the stinging reality of post-hoco with a local meme account, a “Sopranos” prequel and more.

@goldysjockstrap on Instagram:

If you’re anything like me and spend an unhealthy amount of time on social media, it’s possible that Instagram text post memes have quite the grip on your sense of humor these days. You may be familiar with this niche through popular accounts like on_a_downward_spiral and botoxqueen1968. But there’s a new anonymous meme page admin in town — literally, they’re right here on campus. Under the username goldysjockstrap, the account puts a U of M spin on the infamous text posts, sharing deep cut truths about things like living in the dorms, being a female Carlson student and the fashion sense on campus (or, in their opinion, the lack thereof). Their creativity and sense of humor is undeniable, and they’re definitely worth a follow. -Macy Harder

Keefer Court’s Almond Cookie:

Along Cedar Avenue, there’s a quaint Chinese bakery that sells exquisite pastries. A longtime customer myself, last week I went and ordered their almond cookie for the first time. Studded with shaved almonds, crunchy on the outside and just-soft-enough on the inside and a subtle golden hue, it’s the ideal afternoon snack. And since it’s so close to the West Bank campus, once your classes conclude for the day, you can walk on over and order one for yourself. -Nina Raemont


Sometimes, the endless recycling of TikTok trends drives me a little crazy. This UMN-centric spin on the @fakehumansofchicago TikTok account? Not one of those times. This user catches students walking along University Ave and makes up a brief, individual backstory for them – providing excellent content for those of us trying to escape #berriesandcreamtok. -Sophia Zimmerman

“The Many Saints of Newark”:

“The Many Saints of Newark” is a 1960s prequel of the hit TV show “The Sopranos.” The film follows a younger Tony who’s played by Michael Gandolfini, as he grows up in a time where rival gangs are beginning to rise up against the Dimeo crime family, a powerful family. Tony wants to go to college and make his family proud, but he idolizes his uncle Dickie Moltisanti, who will eventually shape Tony into legendary crime boss, Tony Soprano. Everyone brought their acting chops to this set. It premiered on Sept. 24 and is currently showing in theatres and HBO MAX. -Jarrett George Ballard

“Black Encyclopedia of the Air”:

Moor Mother, the Philadelphia-based poet, activist and experimental musician recently released her seventh studio album, “Black Encyclopedia of the Air.” The unexpected sonic turns that the cool, soft rapping often takes highlight the insightful, socially aware lyrics. Next time you pop your earbuds in while walking to class, give this album a try. -James Schaak