“Faces” and “Scenes from a Marriage”: Five things our A&E writers are loving this week

Songs, some music, a show and a movie to get you through the week.

by A&E Staff

Take some time for yourself this week to enjoy something old and new, whether itthat be an album from the past or a recently released television show remake. Whether it be an album for the past or a recently released television show remake, take some time for yourself this week to enjoy something old and new. The Minnesota Daily’s A&E writers have got you covered with the hottest music and movies out now.

“Faces” by Mac Miller: Mac Miller fans, rejoice. W — what one might consider one of the late rapper’s best projects is now out on streaming services. The mixtape, featuring 25 different tracks, was originally released in 2014 and was met with a vast amount of critical acclaim at the time. “Faces” hits a range of emotions. O, offering an honest and oft harrowing depiction of Miller’s complex relationship with drugs, “Faces” also includes alongside funky wordplay and beats that range from a steady, somber pulse to those that come through fast and upbeat. While listening to the tracks this time around hits a lot heavier than it did in 2014, their authenticity and layered complexity hit the same. – Sophia Zimmerman

“25” by Adele: Following the release of Adele’s new single, as well as her old hits resurfacing on my TikTok For You page, I’ve been heavily revisiting her last album, “25.” In my opinion, this may be high in the ranks of the greatest albums of all time. — Adele’s powerhouse vocals and tender revelations about love, loss and vulnerability make for an unbelievable 11 tracks without a skip in sight. No matter what kind of mood you’re in this week, try diving back into this 2015 classic. – Macy Harder

“Halloween Kills”: This film was released in theaters on Thursday night at select theaters and released on Friday in theaters everywhere on Oct. 15. In the sequel to “Halloween” (2018), the slasher horror icon Michael Myers continues his bloodfest in this film that is primarily set in the iconic town of Haddonfield, Illinois. What fans loved in John Carpenter’s original 1978 Halloween and the 2018 sequel, they’ll enjoy in this updated rendition of the William Shatner inspired mask-wearing loony. Arguably known to have the most iconic horror movie score, fans of the franchise will be happy to hear the songs again in this film. Myers’ brutally murders people throughout the town, leaving a blood trail of carnage and morbid stench of death. The townspeople of Haddonfield are fed up with the deranged serial killer, so they take it upon themselves to kill Myers in a combined effort, but ultimately they fail to accomplish their goal — or do they? – Jarrett George-Ballard

“Scenes from a Marriage”: Remakes and sequels have bloated the American cinema landscape in recent years. While superhero movies have become the poster child of this trend, “Big Little Lies” season two proved that HBO’s prestigious prestige television shows harbored no immunity. HBO’s newest miniseries, “Scenes from a Marriage” remakes the 1974 Swedish series of the same name and offers a strong rebuttal to the frequent criticisms of remakes/sequels in doing so. Like in “Big Little Lies,” this series uses A-listers’ acting chops to explore the complexities of middle-aged relationships in the contemporary U.S. Although Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac successfully headline as the story’s central couple, it’s supporting actress Nicole Beharie (who has been criminally underutilized since her turn in 2013’s “42”) that most handily steals the scenes. – James Schaak

“Freedom,” covered by Christine and the Queens: Christine and the Queens cover “Freedom”: The French pop star brings her delicate vocals and bravado to this George Michael cover. With a gradually triumphant chorus and the anchor of strong background singers, Christine and the Queens cover of “Freedom” feels exactly like freedom itself. – Nina Raemont