Move into the week with a new season of Big Mouth, free yoga and Miss Swift.

Here’s five things the Minnesota Daily A&E writers are loving this week.

by A&E Staff

Feeling the stress of school pile up? Cozy up to Silk Sonic, a 10-minute-long version of Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well,” or some free yoga classes.

“Big Mouth” Season 5: Netflix’s acclaimed cartoon for adults recently dropped its long-awaited fifth season, and it doesn’t disappoint. It’s been just under a year since we’ve seen Nick, Andrew, Jessi, Lola and all of our other Bridgeton Middle School faves, but they’re back with new love interests, self-discoveries, body issues and all the other joys of being a pre-teen. This series becomes more bingeable with every season, offering a lineup of 30-minute episodes that are easy to digest all at once. If you need a laugh this week or a mental break from the realities of school and work, put on some “Big Mouth” and reminisce on the awkwardness of your middle school years. – Macy Harder

Free Sunday Yoga at Malcolm Yards: To let go of the stresses of the prior week and emotionally jump into the next one, I’ve been attending free Sunday yoga at the Market at Malcolm Yards. The first reason I love it? Well, it’s free. The second reason? The instructor creates a new playlist of music each week and lets participants go at their own speed, flexibility and comfort level. Whether you’re recovering from one too many vodka crans at Sally’s from the night before or setting your intentions for another week, start off your Sunday with this yoga class. – Nina Raemont

“An Evening with Silk Sonic” by Silk Sonic: Multi-platinum pop artist Bruno Mars and rapper and singer Anderson .Paak’s newest album is an assortment of ‘70s R&B-esque tracks that deliver exactly as you’d expect them to. “An Evening with Silk Sonic” is all smooth funk and lush harmonies, a sound that came to be as a result of the album’s meticulous creation process. The tracks cover everything from the sultry sweet-nothings of a one-night affair (“After Last Night”) to a seductive roller rink anthem (“Skate”). – Sophia Zimmerman

“All Too Well (10 Minute Version)” – Taylor Swift: As you have probably already heard, Taylor Swift has been re-recording her entire discography this year in an effort to regain control over her masters (and money) in a move that Swifties have been eager to eat up. The 10-minute version of her biggest critical success and fan-favorite sleeper hit, “All Too Well,” has been by far the most highly anticipated of these releases, and Swift says the song was always meant to be this length. Remembered for its detailed imagery (“dancing in the kitchen in the refrigerator light”) and its narrative reflection on her failed relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal (the scarf!), Taylor’s Version of “All Too Well” injects the story with even more dramatic details, elevating the song to magnum opus status. On top of its salacious new references to an actress’ bathroom and some quips about Gyllenhaal’s thing for younger women, the song is accompanied by a music video starring a Gyllenhaal look alike (Dylan O’Brien) and a Stranger Things kid (Sadie Sink.) Fall has always been the best season to listen to Taylor Swift, and by now listeners should know that all too well. – James Schaak

Netflix’s “Red Notice”: This action-comedy film stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot. The film is a simple yet entertaining and high-octane action fest that features smooth-talking and witty characters – John Hartley played by “The Rock” and Nolan Booth played by Reynolds. The Bishop is played by Gadot who is an attractive, lone wolf badass and an excellent art thief who can finesse and charm her way out of precarious situations. “The Rock” and Reynolds attempt to foil Gadot, the world’s most dangerous art thief’s plans, but they fail numerous times in hilarious fashion. This film isn’t quite in the buddy-cop action genre, but it’s darn close to it. Despite the plot being a redundant enactment in the action genre, these actors’ and characters’ on-screen chemistry can’t be denied. – Jarrett George-Ballard