Five things our A&E writers are loving this week

Push through the last bit of the semester with some new Phoebe, a coffee run in Uptown, a new HBO series and more.

by A&E Staff

We’re close to the end, Gophers. The final stretch of the semester has quickly snuck up on us, along with all of its stressors. Take a break and recharge this week with some new Phoebe Bridgers music, an Uptown coffee trip and more.

Phoebe Bridgers’ cover of “Day After Tomorrow”: With the changing of the season comes winter blues and a general sense of melancholy, so it seems appropriate that the queen of sad indie music herself should release new music. Bridgers recently dropped her version of “Day After Tomorrow” by Tom Waits, with all proceeds going to the International Institute of Los Angeles. A slow-burning and gentle ballad, this song’s lyrics mirror Bridgers’ own emotional songwriting. The hushed vocals and peaceful instrumental on the six-minute-long track are reminiscent of the stillness that comes after a snowfall, and it’s the perfect song to throw into your melodramatic winter rotation. -Macy Harder

“Kick ii-iiiii” by Arca: After hopping on Lady Gaga’s “Dawn of Chromatica” remix album earlier this year, the experimental Venezuelan DJ released her fifth studio album last week, only to release three more on Friday. Continuously bending the outskirts of electronic pop, the Kanye West collaborator says this series (clocking in over two hours long total) will deconstruct reggaeton, heavy club music, piano music, gender norms and many other eclectic motifs. As the grotesque science fiction cover art suggests, the albums will surely ––in a good way –– push listeners beyond their comfort. -James Schaak

“The Sex Lives of College Girls”: Mindy Kaling’s newest HBO Max series gives viewers a glance into the shared dorm room of Leighton, Bela, Kimberly and Whitney, four first-year roommatess at Essex College, as they navigate university life, romantic relationships and their own sexuality. The show offers ounces of cliche but overall is a refreshing and comical take on a universal college experience. Oh, and did I mention that Timothee Chalamet’s sister, Pauline Chalamet, plays Kimberly? -Nina Raemont

Caffetto Cafe: Gearing up for a late night of cramming for finals? Head to Caffetto in Uptown for an iced miel or a bottle of Cheerwine to get you through the evening. When the urge to take a study break hits, head downstairs for a game of good old-fashioned pinball to pass the time. -Sophia Zimmerman

“Sinister” by Cordae feat. Lil Wayne: Cordae released his second single from his upcoming second album Bird’s Eye View on Dec. 3. Cordae and Lil Wayne come with lyrical heat and wordplay so sharp it would make lightsaber wielders jealous. The song is only two minutes and 29 seconds long so it leaves you wanting more when the song is over, but the silver lining is the replay value of this short song. The duo’s rhyme schemes and usage of literary devices make them a match made in hip-hop heaven. “Sinister” reflects both musicians’ musical career and the competitive mindset that propels them to paint canvases with their spoken word poetry. -Jarrett George-Ballard