BREAKING: UMN announces $15 student minimum wage increase

The action follows a student staffing shortage on campus.

by Olivia Stevens

Editor’s Note: This story has been updated since it’s initial publication.

The University of Minnesota announced Wednesday via a systemwide email it will increase the student minimum wage to $15 per hour. The change will take effect in the fall, starting with the Sept. 26 pay period and reflected in the Oct. 19 paycheck. 

Before the increase, the University held the state’s minimum wage, $10.33. 

Minneapolis’ city-wide minimum wage increase to $15 for large businesses took effect on July 1. Groups like the Minnesota Student Association (MSA) have advocated in the past for the University to raise minimum wage. 

“We’re thrilled that the University met us all the way and agreed with students and student advocates that this was a necessary step in the right direction,” co-chair of MSA’s Fight for $15 Committee Carter Yost said. “We’re taking the victory with both a deep joy and gratitude to all of the advocates and allies and organizations that fought so hard to make this happen.”

The University has faced staff shortages over the last year. University Vice President for Human Resources Kenneth Horstman wrote in the email that the wage increase will make the University a stronger competitor in the student job market. 

“Raising our student worker wage floor will allow the University to be more competitive in recruiting and retaining student workers,” Horstman said in the Wednesday email. 

Horstman also said the wage increase will support student workers and “acknowledge the invaluable contributions they make” in a variety of jobs. 

“We are confident that both our effective use of work-study funds and the wage increase will help the University fill its student worker positions and help students meet their financial needs,” Horstman said.