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Designer Shelley Wade walks with a model at the end of her show at the Loring Pasta Bar on Oct. 30, 2016. Wades creations have a Gypsy influence and were originally intended to be shown to Prince in a private show.

The Loring Pasta Bar hosts Shelley Wade’s debut fashion show

by Gunthar Reising
Published November 1, 2016

On Saturday evening at Loring Pasta Bar, Shelley Wade exhibited her debut fashion collection “Gypsy Shells” during three different shows.Upstairs, the moody Red Room was filled with models in open...

The Fashionista is in: your 2016 Halloweekend trend roundup

by Maddy Folstein
Published October 31, 2016
In case you haven’t heard, aliens are the new cats.

Street Style: Lyndale Farmers Market

by Maddy Folstein
Published September 7, 2016
Visitors chose casual, polished ensembles for a morning of shopping and eating outdoors.
Left to right, Stephanie Bahoman, Michael Iokavidu, Riley Iosh and Chris Sferra.

Street style: Pitchfork Music Festival

by Joe Cristo
Published July 20, 2016
Pitchfork patrons brought their best to the Chicago music festival.
Left to right, Aline Putnoki, Derrick Johnson, Anne Putnoki and Will Massengill pose outside of the Forever Young Prom at First Avenue on the evening of May 27. The throwback prom was a reminiscent party playing music from 1996-2006.

Street style: It’s raining on prom night

by Sophia Vilensky
Published June 1, 2016
On Friday night, Twin Cities folk were allowed a second chance at their one night to remember.

Street style: Anyone but Becky

by Sophia Vilensky
Published May 25, 2016
As the Beyhive swarmed TCF Monday night, the folks of Minnesota showcased their Beyoncé best.

The Fashionista is in: Summer thrifting

by Sophia Vilensky
Published May 25, 2016
From stacks of polos to racks lined with Louboutins , the Twin Cities house a number of summer thrifting spots.
Apparel design major Lee Tran makes final alterations to his four-piece collection for the upcoming senior fashion show, Identity, in McNeal Hall on Sunday.

Tailoring an ‘Identity’

by Brenda Tran
Published February 2, 2016
Apparel design student Lee Tran is one of 15 seniors who will present collections in a CDES fashion show this Saturday.

Teaching tolerance through fashion

by Isabella Murray
Published January 27, 2016
Some U students have noticed increasing visibility of modest fashion aimed at Muslims.

The Fashionisto is in: Winter wardrobe

by Grant Tillery
Published December 8, 2015
With the right clothes, you'll be walking in a winter wonderland without freezing.

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