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Gophers infielder Danielle Parlich prepares to hit the ball Tuesday during the Border Battle Double-Header at Jane Sage Cowles Stadium. The gophers lost both games to fall 1-7 and 3-6 to Wisconsin.

[Photo] Gophers swept by Badgers

Published April 13, 2016
An acai bowl with shredded coconut, almonds, blackberries, banana and granola.

[Photo] College Kitchen: Bowls

Published March 31, 2016
Post doctoral associate Slyvie Pailloux displays a result to chemistry professor Valerie Pierre in their research lab in Kolthoff hall Friday. The research team is working on creating a new test for bacterial infections that would provide results much quicker.

[Photo] New test targets infections

Published March 28, 2016
Computer science fourth-year Jordan Bolton leans back and rubs his neck during a study session with friend Will Huso in Bruininks Hall March on 7 to soothe grinding and stabbing pains. Bolton, who suffers from migraines and pseudotumor cerebri, an unexplained neck, back and skull pain condition, underwent a 10-hour spinal fusion surgery six years ago at the age of 19, leaving him with a scar lining his spine. To avoid excess pain, Bolton rides the elevator to his ninth-floor apartment. I literally cant do anything in my day without pain...I cant delay doing things because of it, he said. Its hard for an average person to understand what its truly like.

[Photo] Young and aching

Published March 24, 2016
Musicians rehearse Bachs St. Matthew Passion on Tuesday evening at Ted Mann Concert Hall. The performance is a collaboration between the Universitys School of Music and student and faculty from Hochschule fur Musik in Detmold, Germany.

[Photo] Baroque’n hearts

Published March 3, 2016
Nam-Khao and papaya salad sit on a table Tuesday at Ons Kitchen in St. Paul. Nam-Khao, a more traditional thai dish, features spiced rice, sausage, peanuts and coconut in a lime vinaigrette.

[Photo] St. Paul eats

Published February 25, 2016
Co-curator Jenny Schmid looks over the space at the Free Radicals: Remixing History Through the Power of Print in the Katherine E. Nash Gallery on Tuesday. A live exhibition led by Piotr Szyhalski will feature printing on a large roll of material.

[Photo] Remixing history

Published February 25, 2016
Minnesota Daily reporter Yena Lee crushes a clove of garlic as kitchen staff member Currant prepares a vegan tomato basil soup on Tuesday evening at Seward Cafe in Minneapolis.

[Photo] The oldest co-op in town

Published February 25, 2016
Minneapolis resident Thomas Jones walks along the Stone Arch Bridge on Sunday afternoon. In November, Jones moved into the Arrigoni House West, a sober residence in the Marcy-Holmes neighborhood for men overcoming chemical addictions. Jones says going for walks are one of the frequent group activities he enjoys doing.

[Photo] Uniting recovery and outreach

Published February 23, 2016
A piece by Vanessa German advocating for protecting children endangered by their circumstances sits at the State of the Art: Discovering American Art Now exhibit in the Minneapolis Institute of Art Wednesday. The exhibit, which is described a snapshot of contemporary America, opens Thursday Feb 18 and will feature live artist activations and live music.

[Photo] Cutting-edge American art

Published February 18, 2016
The Jungle Theatres interpretation of Shakespeares The Two Gentleman Of Verona, runs from Feb. 12- March 27.

[Photo] The gentlewomen of the Jungle

Published February 11, 2016
University of Minnesota student Levi smokes pot from a bong at his home in the Southeast Como neighborhood on Tuesday.

[Photo] Marijuana myth debunked

Published January 28, 2016
Choreographer Brittany Shrimpton, center, looks on as Colleen Leeman and David Beukema rehearse a dance for upcoming show Right, Wrong or Bomb! A Dating Musical at Sandbox Theatre on Saturday morning. The musical comedy celebrates the trials, tribulations and joys of online dating.

[Photo] Dating disasters on stage

Published January 26, 2016
Co-owner of the Blue Door restaurant Jeremy Werner, far right, sits and listens as resident Joe Russell expresses his concerns regarding the new location in Southeast Como. The Como Blue Door is expected to open in February.

[Photo] Blue Door Pub taps SE Como

Published January 25, 2016
Bailey Shatz-Akin and Daniel Johnson hold a banner inside the Board of Regents meeting on Thursday morning where students affiliated with Fossil Free Minnesota entered the meeting, calling for divestment in fossil fuels.

[Photo] U investments challenged

Published December 14, 2015
Syniva Whitney and Will Courtney embrace during rehearsal on Wednesday for their new project, which will be featured at the Pitch Dark Cabaret at Patricks Cabaret. Their project, Gender Tender, is an interdisciplinary performance  that prioritizes the transgender and genderqueer experience in process and presentation.

[Photo] Entertainment in the dark

Published December 10, 2015
Jared Tuttle looks through various clothing options at Atmosfere in North Loop on Monday, selecting an outfit for the upcoming I Am MPLS fashion show tonight at First Avenue

[Photo] Be the city you love

Published December 3, 2015
Rachel Gold poses with the cover art of her new book at the Book House in Dinkytown on Sunday. Gold will be reading a section from her book, My Year Zero at the Queer Voices event on Tuesday.

[Photo] Connections in queer spaces

Published December 1, 2015
Gophers running back Shannon Brooks runs for a 75-yard touchdown late in the fourth quarter on Saturday at TCF Bank Stadium where Minnesota defeated Illinois 32-23. The touchdown, followed by a 2-point conversion took the gophers up 8 points, giving them a more comfortable lead.

[Photo] Claeys snatches first victory

Published November 23, 2015
The exterior of the Soap Factory as seen on Sunday. The Soap Factory is scheduled to go on a break starting December.

[Photo] After the scare

Published November 17, 2015
Tracy Claeys speaks at a press conference after being named head coach at TCF Stadium on Wednesday. Claeys mentioned that former head coach Jerry Kill would be welcome at any time as a staff member or as a friend to the football team.

[Photo] Claeys named head coach

Published November 12, 2015
Graduate Assistant Zachary Pope adjusts helps fit 5-year-old Chris Chen with an accelerometer at Williamson Hall on Sunday. The test is for a study to help better understand how young children are affected through home-based excise gaming.

[Photo] Kids could gain from gaming

Published November 11, 2015
Middle Blocker Hannah Tapp spikes the ball for a point on Friday night at the Sports Pavilion. Tapp ended the night with 8 kills as the Gophers defeated Michigan State 3-0.

[Photo] Gophers win twice at home

Published November 9, 2015
A backhoe sits in the dirt at the backside of the Tate Laboratory of Physics on Saturday evening. The renovation being done is part of a 92.5 million dollar project.

[Photo] Opinions differ on HEAPR

Published November 9, 2015
Forward Brent Gates chases down a UMD player, attempting to catch the puck in the second period at Mariucci Arena on Friday where the Gophers lost to the Bulldogs 3-1.

[Photo] Duluth rolls over Gophers

Published October 19, 2015
Quarterback Mitch Leidner throws a pass to make Gophers first touchdown of the game at TCF Bank Stadium Saturday where Minnesota fell to the Nebraska Cornhuskers 48-25.

[Photo] Gophers dominated by Huskers

Published October 19, 2015
Pedestrians jaywalk across 15th avenue and SE University Ave Tuesday evening.

[Photo] Pedestrian deaths rise in fall

Published October 14, 2015
Hannah Brandt maneuvers the puck towards the goal during the third period at Ridder Arena Friday evening where the Gophers defeated St. Cloud state 7-0.

[Photo] Women start season strong

Published October 12, 2015
A pumpkin latte waits to be sipped at Caribou Coffee on Wednesday.  The popular drink returns to various coffeeshops around campus this fall.

[Photo] Pumpkin spice lattes ranked

Published October 8, 2015
Matthias Joyce rests on his car after completing a delivery for Mesa Pizza on Saturday night.

[Photo] Night drive with Mesa Pizza

Published October 1, 2015
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