Dr. Date: My boyfriend is attending a bachelor party – with strippers?!

He said he’s never even seen porn and I don’t want him to start!


by Dr. Date

Dear Dr. Date,

My boyfriend’s best friend is getting married and chose my boyfriend as his best man. He couldn’t be happier, considering they’ve been friends since the third grade and see each other as brothers. Ever since he was asked a few months ago, he’s been planning, writing speeches and looking up bachelor party ideas. 

However, I’m worried about the idea that every guy seems to think is required for a “last night of being single” party — the strippers. I don’t want my boyfriend SEEING other women naked, much less being around them! He told me after we started dating that he’s never watched porn, so I know he’d be shocked if he saw a girl in lingerie, much less a stripper dancing to Pony by Ginuwine! But the best man apparently has his heart set on the idea, and my boyfriend doesn’t want to let him down. (Obviously my boyfriend wouldn’t want strippers!) How can I convince him to do something more family-friendly?


No Spearmint Rhino

Dear No Spearmint Rhino,

Look, do you really think your boyfriend has lived his entire life without once seeing a woman naked? Sex ed? Game of Thrones? Some weird friend in elementary school who wanted to show his entire class the “magazine” under his dad’s bed? 

But, I do get your point. Having other naked women near your partner can be cause for some jealousy. Treating the night before a wedding as a “pretend you’re single” night is a little problematic for both best man and groom, but while he should respect your feelings, the bachelor party isn’t about the best man’s girlfriend. There’s not much you can do besides have a conversation about trust. Your boyfriend is with you for a reason — if he really respects you, he won’t throw your whole relationship away because he saw another woman naked. 


Dr. Date