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My military boyfriend might be proposing — after three weeks of dating

He’s shipping out soon and I’m worried he’s trying to lock me down fast…

Dear Dr. Date,

Ah, military men — is there anything sexier than a guy working out in camouflage pants to serve his country? Maybe it’s just a me thing, but I love men in green, and my friends know it. They set me up with a guy a few weeks ago, and I fell head over heels. He seemed to like me as well, considering he asked me to be his girlfriend by the end of the date! I said yes — but now I’m thinking of rescinding my answer.

He’s shipping out to an undisclosed country next week and will be gone for almost a year. I kind of figured that this would a month-long fling and I might see him when he gets back, but as time goes on, he seems to be getting more serious than I expected. He keeps making comments about me waiting for him and how we should be committed so I won’t find another guy. When he asked me my ring size last week, I started to get a little worried. Now he’s got this romantic picnic planned that he says will be “super special.”

Basically, I’m scared he’s about to propose to me. I like the guy, but not that much! How do I tell him I’m not that interested?


Not A Military Wife

Dear Not A Military Wife,

I’m not saying you should say yes, but hey, talk about a compliment. He’s been with you for two weeks and already knows you’re the one? Looks like a lifetime of love to me!

Kidding — sounds like he doesn’t want to come back to a nonexistent relationship and is determined to lock you down fast. If he starts to get down on one knee, tell him that while you’ve enjoyed hanging out with him, you two should probably put any chance of a relationship on hold. You’ve only been dating for a few weeks, and he shouldn’t expect you to wait forever. If you’re both single when he comes back, he can give you a call. Until then, enjoy the time you two have and steer clear of any ring-shaped boxes in his camo pants. 


Dr. Date

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