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My boyfriend auditioned for Love Island — and might get it

I love him AND the show. What do I do?!

Dear Dr. Date,

I am desperately in love with my boyfriend. Like, really, I feel like a second grade girl planning her whole wedding with Barbies. He’s so handsome and kind and wonderful and funny and smart and all the great things — you get the point.

Obviously, other people have noticed my gorgeous man, and one group in particular: the Love Island producers. Yes, that Love Island: the reality show that sends hot people to a villa somewhere to make them all fall in and out of love. Don’t tell anyone, but I’m secretly a huge fan. And they were recruiting in Minneapolis!

Hooray!!!!! NOT. My boyfriend got a DM from someone suggesting he audition and as a joke, he did. I was pissed, but figured there was no way it would go anywhere. Apparently it is. He just got a call asking him to come in for a formal interview! 

I love the show, but I love him too. Should I skip the season and avoid heartbreak, or watch while the man of my dreams finds the love of his life?


Mrs. Love Island

Dear Mrs. Love Island,

Okay, I get you’re upset, but have you ever looked up how many people on Love Island ACTUALLY stay together? I have a feeling he’ll get kicked off and run straight into your arms, bringing his 1.2 million Instagram followers and clout with him. 

No offense to your man, but the interview doesn’t mean he’ll get the spot. And even if he gets an offer, you guys can have a conversation about it and figure it out. You have the right to be upset that he tried to get onto a dating show, but don’t get ahead of yourself — this hasn’t gone anywhere permanently and doesn’t have to. 

Personally, I’d question being with someone who would go to an audition like that, but hey, maybe future famous people are your thing. And when it comes to watching the show, I’d steer clear for now. There’s always more trashy television without your ex-boyfriend.


Dr. Date

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