Dr. Date: My boyfriend HATES my makeup

Is he an asshole or does he just have a preference?


by Dr. Date

Dear Dr. Date,

Ever since I got my first job at 16, I’ve been spending my paycheck on makeup. Rouge level of rewards at Sephora, Diamond Member at Ulta, a vanity and storage space worthy of any beauty guru, you get it. I love getting ready in the morning — to me, makeup is an art form. 

Unfortunately, my boyfriend doesn’t see it that way. Every time I experiment with my look, it’s met with a snarky comment and a “you look so much better without all that ugly crap.” I can’t really get excited about new palettes or eyeshadow inspo without him criticizing how I spend my money and mocking my hobby. Other than this, he’s a model boyfriend, but for some reason, heavy makeup strikes a nerve. 

We’re getting more serious, but I feel like I can’t even bring over mascara when I stay the night at his place without him being a jerk. I don’t know where to draw the line — when does it become more than just criticizing your partner’s hobby? 


Morphe Babe

Dear Morphe Babe,

He’s not just criticizing your hobby once or twice, he’s making constant comments degrading your appearance. It’s okay to prefer a certain look over another, but don’t insinuate your partner only looks good one way! Makeup is a big part of your life — does he just stop being attracted to you as soon as you bring out the Glow Kit? 

If you’ve got thick skin, you could ask him what he dislikes about your makeup. It could just be that he dislikes dark lipstick or heavy blush, and if you reeeealllyyy want to stay with him, maybe you two can work out a compromise. But seriously, you might have some thinking to do.


Dr. Date