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Dr. Date: Age doesn’t matter?


Dear Doctor Date,

I finally met the woman of my dreams: she’s brilliant, funny, beautiful and a host of other overused adjectives. Who would have thought waiting at the same bus stop with someone would lead to love? When we both got off at the same stop to go to Perkins, I knew it was fate. We spent the whole day together before falling asleep in each other’s arms at 7 p.m. We’ve been dating for two weeks now and have already said “I love you.” When you know, you know, right? 

My parents live in Minneapolis so I wanted to introduce her to them right away. But when they finally met her, they seemed skeptical. They muttered something about “her being super old” and “why is he dating someone in a nursing home?” First of all, age is nothing but a number, and she lives in a dorm-style apartment! What’s wrong with that? Gray hair is trendy now anyways, and her CAs are super nice. They’re always telling me how happy they are to see she has a visitor. 

My parents are now trying to get us to break up and I don’t know what to do. Any advice?


Age Doesn’t Matter

Dear Age Doesn’t Matter,

I feel like I’m making a quiz called “How do you know if you’re dating an elderly woman?” Does she take out her dentures at the end of the night? Does she occasionally talk about how Kennedy was a much better president? How often does she pinch your cheek and say you remind her of her grandson?

Love is love, but if one of you is closer to planning a funeral than a wedding, you might want to reconsider your future. Are you sure you don’t love her because she reminds you of the grandmother you never had? You’ve only been dating for two weeks, so try to find someone your own age just in case. If you decide to keep dating her, prepare to be teased mercilessly, be asked if you’re related, and have to help her across the street. 


Doctor Date

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