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Dr. Date: I think I’m in love with a guy I just met

I mean, we’re talking about moving in together!

Dear Dr. Date,

You know what they say: love blossoms during Blarney’s Karaoke Night. When the guy at the bar bought me a Long Island Iced Tea and asked me to sing Mamma Mia with him, I knew that we would end up forced out of the bar and left to drunkenly walk back home. I texted him as soon as he dropped me off, and we’ve been talking ever since. 

And by talking, I mean contemplating moving to the French Riviera and selling homemade jams. I’m head over heels for him, and he seems pretty serious about me too — we’re constantly together, we text all the time, he crashes at my place every night and we just toured an apartment together for next year.

The problem? He’s not my boyfriend. We haven’t had sex. And … we’ve only known each other for five days. Hell, we haven’t even kissed! The furthest we’ve gone physically is me drunkenly falling onto him while singing Dancing Queen later that night. I don’t know if this moving in together thing is the two of us being ridiculous, him trying to hint that he wants to date me or him maaaaajorly friendzoning me. 

Dr. Date, I’m really, really, really into this guy. I want to figure out where we stand, but I don’t know what to do without potentially making it weird. What do I do?!


He’s No Help

Dear He’s No Help,

Woah. I mean, regardless of if he likes you romantically or not, you guys might need to slow down on the whole lease thing. The infatuation is real but might wear off by the time you guys move in. Even real couples should seriously consider moving in together — when you two are a “not-thing,” this can only end badly.

I know it’s awkward, but you’ll have to ask directly to really find out. It sounds like you guys have a connection even if it isn’t romantic, so he probably (hopefully) won’t instantly ditch when you request clarification. You guys have skipped the first six months of friendship; it’s time to DTR.  Maybe over Valentine’s Day drinks?


Dr. Date 

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