Dr. Date: My playboy bunny nightmare


by Dr. Date

Dear Dr. Date,

My boyfriend is a huge Halloween fan and loves to create an elaborate costume every year. Now that we’re dating, he wanted to make a couples costume for the two of us. After running through a lot of ideas, we settled on one that’s … a little sexual. He was Hugh Hefner, including the spray-dyed gray hair, and I was a Playboy Bunny. It’s great for Halloweekend at a frat party, but I wasn’t exactly going to put it on Facebook. 

However, he’s arguing that we should wear the costumes on Halloween too, including throughout our classes! He says it’s a fun way to be festive and get more use out of the costumes. For him that may be fine, but I don’t want to wear almost nothing but bunny ears during my biology exam. How do I explain to him that it’s not appropriate?


Not a Playmate

Dear Not a Playmate,

Two words: Minnesota. Cold. You may have been fine in a boiling frat house basement, but walking around campus in heels and a bodysuit will make you run back home faster than he can say “Want to live in my mansion?” Keep the costume in the bedroom and tell him that if it means more to him than his significant other being comfortable, he should find another Bunny. If he still tries to insist, buy one of those rabbit onesies from Target. Same thing, right?


Dr. Date