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I got asked out three times for Valentine’s Day

Do I have to pick one, or can I just rush to each restaurant?

Dear Dr. Date,

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and yet again, I’m not in a committed relationship. But fear not, I’m talking to at least four guys on Tinder, which is the same thing. Each guy seems nice enough, and all of them are super hot, so all of my criteria is met!

You’d think guys would all go silent around V-Day (what is it about this time of year that strikes fear of relationships into the hearts of 20-something dudes?), but not this time. Three of the guys have asked me on a date that night! This is only half humble-bragging — I’m torn on what to do. When you’re on dating apps, everyone kind of knows that you’re not just talking to them, but I don’t want to shoot any of them down. (Like I said, super hot.) 

They all suggested different things at different times, so I could theoretically go out with each of them that night. I don’t want Valentine’s Day to go to waste —  what can I do?


Ready to Mingle

Dear Ready to Mingle,

Congrats? But even though you have men lined up to go on dates, I guarantee any schedule you create to try and see all of them will backfire. What if one of them wants to “show you their bedroom”? Speeding through sex to meet another guy doesn’t sound like the best idea.

Instead, choose one guy (the criteria is up to you) or cut them all loose for the night. You can always reschedule for another day, and it’s not fair to the other person if you’re rushing to get to the next date the entire time. If that doesn’t change your mind, think of the multiple Ubers you’ll have to take — surge pricing, anyone?


Dr. Date

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