My walls are covered in photos of other women

My girlfriend’s not a fan, but I don’t see the issue…


by Dr. Date

Dear Dr. Date,

I’m in college for chemical engineering, but my true passion is photography. I’ve probably spent thousands over the past five years on equipment. I try and shoot at least once a week. I love capturing portraits more than anything else, so I enlist friends or random students to serve as my models fairly often.

I’m really proud of some of the work I’ve done and think they make great decor, so my room is covered in pictures I’ve taken. I have a variety, but the majority are portraits, mostly of women (they tend to be more willing models than guys). They’ve been up since I moved in a year ago and I had no plans to take them down until recently.

My girlfriend likes my work, but isn’t a fan of the photos in my room. She thinks it’s “weird” that I have a ton of photos of other women hanging up above my bed. I’ve tried to explain that it’s because I like the shot, not the girl, but she doesn’t understand. She’s trying to insist I take them down or she won’t sleep over anymore. 

Dr. Date, I love my photos, but I don’t know if they’re worth losing my girlfriend. What can I do?


Just Models

Dear Just Models,

If the photos were lingerie shoots (which I’m assuming they aren’t), I would completely get where your girlfriend is coming from. But getting nervous about decor is kind of extreme, though she may have another reason they make her uncomfortable. (Was an ex of hers a photographer who slept with models?)

I’m assuming the girl in your bed means more than the girls in the photos, so I’d compromise on this one and take down a few (not all) to replace with other pictures. Sounds like you have plenty you could put up instead and you’re still not giving up on all the shots. And if you haven’t already, use her as a model — I’m sure it would mean more to both of you if they were replaced with pictures of her. 


Dr. Date