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Dr. Date: I think my date might be stalking me


Dear Dr. Date, 

A friend of mine set me up with a guy a week or so ago who she swore I would like. She told me he’s totally my type and super romantic. I told her to give him my number, and we’ve been texting all week. We seemed to hit it off, so yesterday we scheduled a date for later that night. I was super excited. I couldn’t resist dressing up for my last class of the day so I could go straight to the date. 

Problem is, ten minutes before he’s supposed to pick me up, he sends me a picture of myself, obviously taken from like 200 feet away. If it weren’t for my recognizable outfit, I wouldn’t have even known it was me. He captioned it with “You look lovely today :).” 

I told my friend and she was super creeped out, but I think it’s cute! He took the effort to find me on campus. What’s wrong with that? The date went super great. He even stayed over! And the next day he sent me a photo of me sleeping saying I looked beautiful. How cute! 

My friend is worried, but I think it’s fine. Who’s right?


Not a Stalker

Dear Not A Stalker,

Ew. In my opinion, your friend is right. How did he know where you were that day? And even if he did stay over, it’s weird that he woke up and took a picture of you. I think 99 percent of people would find this creepy, dealbreaker material. It doesn’t quite sound like he’s obsessed with you… but I wouldn’t call this normal. If you’re really into him maybe ask about why he’s taking so many pictures. Maybe he’s just trying to build a portfolio to get a job at the Daily. My gut is just saying to be wary, so I’d say end it or proceed with incredible caution.


Dr. Date

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