Dr. Date: Tired of waiting for love


by Dr. Date

Dear Dr. Date,

My boyfriend and I had a total meet-cute: he was the server at my favorite restaurant, I was the regular customer, I finally left my number after a few weeks, and the rest is history. We’ve only been going out for a month or two, but it’s been super great. Plus, free meals at my favorite place!

I was taking advantage of one of those free meals a few days ago and sat in my boyfriend’s section of the restaurant. While waiting, I noticed him spending a lot of time at another table … a little too much time. I started to eavesdrop, and I was horrified! He’s flirting with tons of other girls around my age (and a few older women), just like he did with me! 

I left immediately with no tip, and when he asked why, I told him what I saw. He tried to tell me that he just does it for the extra tips and isn’t actually attracted to them. Meanwhile, I’m just waiting for him to dump me for the next girl who leaves her number on the receipt. Am I crazy for being concerned, or should I just tell him to spend the extra cash on me?


They’re Not On The Menu

Dear They’re Not On The Menu,

Yeah, not cool. Tips aside, for the love of Goldy, don’t hit on your customers! For every person who gives an extra dollar there’s another person feeling very uncomfortable and wanting to leave. Living off of tips can bring people to their last resorts, but you’re right in feeling concerned. Sadly, you probably can’t get him to stop, but you can tell him he can keep moving from girl to girl if he doesn’t listen to you. Alternatively, you can be an ass and not tip every time you see him flirting with someone else. 


Dr. Date