Dr. Date: Training myself to fall in love

I see the exact same guy every day on the train to work. Everyday, I think about talking to him.


by Dr. Date

Dear Dr. Date,

Every day I take the same train to downtown St. Paul for work, and every day I see the exact same guy. He’s always on the other side of the platform at the Prospect Park station, waiting to take the train into Minneapolis. And oh my god, is he hot. I can’t help but stare at him every time — I know nothing about him, but I have a feeling he’s my dream guy. He leans against the wall reading a book, what’s more attractive than that?

I want to go talk to him, but I’m always in a rush to go to work. Plus, it’s probably pretty weird to go up to someone and say, “Hey, I’ve been watching you for weeks, wanna go out?” So, how can I talk to my dream man without being too “Girl on the Train”-esque?


Love on the Light Rail

Dear Love on the Light Rail,

It’s not the weirdest meet-cute I’ve heard. How about getting to the stop 10 minutes early and trying to talk to him? Go up to him and say you don’t normally do this, but you think he seems really cool (bring up the book thing, maybe?) and you’d love to talk more sometime. If you’re super terrified, you could write him a note or something with your Snapchat or phone number listed.  As long as you don’t come on too strong, it could be flattering? Just don’t force it if he doesn’t end up reaching out to you — at least you aren’t on the same train every day!


Dr. Date