Dr. Date: I think my boyfriend might be moonlighting as an exotic dancer

He says he’s just a server, but I think he’s hiding something from me…


by Dr. Date

Dear Dr. Date, 

After a month of being unemployed, my boyfriend has found a new job as a server at a new restaurant … I think. He just started the job and I’m a little concerned he may be lying to me. For one thing, this restaurant doesn’t seem to exist! He told me it’s new and very underground, so they don’t want to have a website or online presence. Despite me telling him that sounds like they’re hiding from the health department, he’s adamant it’s a cool hipster thing.

Ever since he’s been working there, he’s come home with tons of small bills, mostly ones. He’s been receiving some weird packages that seem to be coming from adult companies, if you know what I mean, and every night when he gets home from work he’s absolutely exhausted. Long story short, I think he’s working at a place that shows more skin than his work shirts allow. How can I get him to be honest with me?


Concerned Boyfriend

Dear Concerned Boyfriend, 

While I certainly haven’t been to an underground restaurant with no online presence — dating advice columnists aren’t exactly the rockstars of the journalism world (or any world) — it’s possible this mystery place may exist, especially considering the other suspicions you listed can be attributed to bad tippers, potential gifts for you and customer service exhaustion. If he’s insisting it’s a real job, ask to come with him for a day or see if he’ll take you to dinner there. Hey, both of you could be correct — do strip clubs serve food? 


Dr. Date