The Minnesota Daily

Beyond the Dollar Menu

Becky Lang
March 27, 2008

Every area of the University has its own eating rituals. For those in the dorms, it begins with knocking on the doors of your dining buddies, deciding whether to get your card swiped or to simply make...

Acadia relocates, redesigns and recycles

Justin Flower
February 28, 2008

With a pint of Rush River Amber Ale at my fingertips, I think about the old Acadia - lively, with an interesting mix of folks coming in and out, and muffled music drifting through the walls of their showroom...

Twin Cities sweetness

Stephanie Dickrell
November 1, 2007

The weekend after Halloween seems a fitting time to hold a chocolate show. After over-indulging in the milk-chocolate and tootsie rolls of childhood, the adult palette might be craving the good stuff. Enter...

Small plates get licked clean

April 27, 2006

On a trip to San Diego, I sat down to a very special dinner: First, shrimp in a spicy tomato broth served over crostini. Then an Asian-inspired chicken dish. Then crab cakes. Finally, oysters Rockefeller. I...