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Media group, record labels create music downloading service

Published December 3, 2004

E-commerce company Wurld Media signed an agreement with three major record labels last week in order to offer licensed media content over the Internet using a peer-to-peer distribution system. Sony BMG...

Police report thefts in recreation center, graffiti on faculty housing, illegal parking

Published November 24, 2004

Police officers cited eight people for allegedly misusing handicap permits to park in disability spaces this week, according to police reports. Police cited a woman who used her partner's disability permit...

Group sues movie pirates

Published November 19, 2004

Illegal movie distributors might want to think twice before downloading the latest Hollywood blockbuster. That's because movie studios are taking legal action against people who download movies illegally...

Food service dishes debate

Published November 16, 2004

Like it or loathe it, it's difficult for a lot of students to avoid campus food. And if you've ever eaten on campus, you've probably come across Aramark. In its seven-year history with the University,...

Students caught with marijuana in Middlebrook

Published November 4, 2004

Police were dispatched to Middlebrook Hall on Sunday after receiving a report of a marijuana odor coming from a room, according to police reports. Officers spoke with the room occupants and recovered a...

Graffiti defaces bridge panel

Published October 28, 2004

The Jewish fraternity Alpha Epsilon Pi's informational panel on the Washington Avenue Bridge was defaced last week with an encircled swastika with "SS" on both sides, according to police reports. "This...

Carol Grishen, Independent

Published October 26, 2004

Carol Grishen wears her independence on her head with a baseball cap that reads, "You bet I am the only one!" Grishen, an Independence Party candidate who is running for a seat in the State House, is a...

Environmental studies club takes out the trash in St. Paul

Published October 4, 2004

Approximately 20 students found pop cans, pacifiers, shoes, candy wrappers, umbrellas, a baseball bat and a lot of Minnesota State Fair cups on a wetland Saturday near the St. Paul campus. The Environmental...

Identity thefts increase

Published September 29, 2004

Phishing," "dumpster-diving," "skimming" and "shoulder urfing" are just a few of the ways students could lose their identities. Identity theft - which many say is the nation's fastest- growing crime -...

More bicycles stolen on campus in September than any other month

Published September 23, 2004

Seventeen cases of bicycle theft were reported on campus last week, according to police records. The estimated cost of the stolen bicycles ranged from $50 to $850. "September is our biggest month for bike...

Two more flasher incidents reported

Published September 16, 2004

Just a week after flasher suspect Richard Lee Sanders was arrested, two more indecent exposure incidents were cited, according to police reports. The first incident occurred in the morning last week near...

Police: Theft is No. 1 crime on campus

Published September 9, 2004

James Bridewell said he chases tornadoes for fun, so he didn't hesitate to chase down a thief who stole his colleague's purse last week. The five-minute chase started at the Outside Inn cafe in Moos Tower,...

Light rail transit: a new alternative for U students

Published September 7, 2004

Since the grand opening of the light rail transit system, University student Sara Benning said her rush-hour commute to school has been cut from 45 to 30 minutes. "It's a great thing," she said. Benning...