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High School: An introspective retrospective

Published March 21, 2010

Last week, my best friend Nick came to visit for what was sure to be a spring break of unparalleled and much-needed adventure. His Facebook status update, âÄúIâÄôm headed to Minneapolis!âÄù...

The principle of least interest

Published March 7, 2010

My friends and I enjoy swapping soul-crushing stories of romantic injustice. We do this in search of commiseration, but sometimes, larger facets of human existence are uncovered. Recently, a close friend...

Anatomy of a nervous breakdown

Published February 21, 2010

My pity party is in full swing. WeâÄôve got the worldâÄôs smallest violin jamminâÄô out in the corner, and IâÄôm solemnly ballroom dancing with the long road ahead. IâÄôm...

Facebook: Keeping up with the exes

Published February 14, 2010

I couldnâÄôt bring myself to do it. All I had to do was click the little âÄúXâÄù next to his name and deletion would be complete. But I tried that. And Facebook asked me, verbatim,...

Laptop dystopia

Published January 31, 2010

As I sat furiously taking notes in the center of the lecture hall, my hand stopped writing when the person next to me turned her head and made the universal âÄúI have a questionâÄù face....

An examined life: Winter break edition

Published January 20, 2010

And weâÄôre back. Winter break has come and gone. How did it go? If youâÄôre anything like me, you spent a disproportionate amount of time watching âÄúJersey ShoreâÄù and...

‘I Tweet, therefore I am’

Published December 9, 2009

When I get home from school, I allow myself 30 minutes of unadulterated Facebook time. It makes me feel important, especially if I see that an older post has been commented on. Clearly, this person took...

Don’t suffer in silence

Published December 2, 2009

When my Hebrew professor assigned a âÄú50-word personal journal,âÄù I needed to collect the proper arsenal. I can write about trees and juice and various cities in Israel, but none of these...

Decoding ‘Mystery Method’

Published November 24, 2009

Musician Neil Sedaka once said, âÄúBreaking up is hard to do,âÄù but even harder than parting ways with a former lover is the process of finding a new one. Many prefer to search under cover...

Point junkies

Published November 15, 2009

From my perch in the back of the lecture hall, I have my choice of strangersâÄô Facebook photo albums to peruse from afar. After settling on what looked like an expensive wedding, I snapped out...

Adderall and the need for speed

Published November 4, 2009

ItâÄôs 2:50 a.m. on a school night, and I am faced with the decision to sleep, polish this column or finish the homework for a class that starts in five hours. The first option is a fast track...

Indecent exposure erodes neighborhood relations

Published October 25, 2009

You look like you could use a drink. Life sucks, am I right? Midterms, personal problems and impending snowfall are more than enough to make getting wasted sound like cozy respite. But donâÄôt...

Condom nation: coverage on campus

Published October 18, 2009

In sixth grade, I watched four hip-hop dancers dressed as condoms bust a move in the cafeteria. Even then, IâÄôd heard it all before. Safe sex, cool, got it. When I get around to having it, IâÄôll...

Boomerang kids: moving in with the ’rents

Published October 11, 2009

ItâÄôs your first week of foreign language class. YouâÄôre embittered because a four-semester requirement sounds like a lot from where youâÄôre sitting, and then todayâÄôs...

Coitus casualis: rules of the game

Published October 4, 2009

ItâÄôs a problem many college students face: You want sex, but youâÄôre not in a relationship. Unless you have moral convictions that limit your promiscuity, the next logical step (besides,...

Healing body and bank account

Published September 27, 2009

Flu season is the butt of many jokes, but you know whatâÄôs not funny? Medical bills. If youâÄôre not properly insured, you can end up paying hundreds of dollars just to have an expert...

A campus-hiker’s guide to anxiety

Published September 22, 2009

Every few years I reevaluate my appreciation for JourneyâÄôs epic hit, âÄúDonâÄôt Stop BelievinâÄô.âÄù IâÄôve been listening to it non-stop for days while...

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