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Russian skiers recall icy trek across Bering Strait

April 7, 1998

During their unsuccessful 1996 attempt to ski across the Bering Strait, explorers Dmitry Shparo and his son Matvey Shparo faced a monstrous storm that stifled their trek and forced them to send an SOS...

Students go to capital to support prisoners

March 30, 1998

Several University student organizations embarked on a four-day road trip to Washington, D.C., Wednesday to march in Jericho 98. The rally, which attracted more than 2,500 people, called for the release...

Women gather on campus for annual women’s day fest

March 9, 1998

Interactive musical performances, panel discussions and social changes were part of the third annual celebration of International Women's Day held Saturday at the St. Paul Student Center. Nearly 500 women...