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Why the Daily will not turn over riot pictures to the police

April 22, 2003

In the wake of the hockey riots, a letter appeared in The Minnesota Daily last week in which reader Benjamin Koch expressed anger and disbelief with the fact that local media declared they were unwilling...

Political cartoons need to be grounded in reality

February 12, 2003

Two cartoons commenting on the Columbia disaster that appeared in the Daily last week have generated angry letters from readers. They bring up some good questions about what we should and should not expect...

Daily needs to review policy on personnel matters

December 2, 2002

A few weeks ago, The Minnesota Daily's board of directors suspended the Daily's editor in chief, Todd Milbourn, for the remainder of fall semester. According to Daily President and board member Shanna...

Editorials should stick to the facts

October 30, 2002

Last week I was contacted by Koby Nahmias and Omri Fine, founding member and chairman, respectively, of the University student group Friends of Israel. They had numerous concerns about the Daily's coverage...