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The fees committee misinterpreted its role

February 26, 1997

Why should the campus community care that the Student Services Fees Committee is dismantling the Council of Graduate Students? After all, isn't COGS just for graduate students? Apart from a few cranky...

Abortion clinic bombing not a Christian act

January 28, 1997

Early last week the Daily editorial cartoonist John Nilsen presented a cartoon that had but one purpose -- to portray Christians as crazy killers who go around bombing abortion clinics. Let me first say...

University benefits from academic freedom

January 6, 1997

In the Star Tribune's December 8th and 9th series on the University of Minnesota, Norman Draper's thoughtful conclusion is right on the money -- where the pressure is. Draper asks, "Can the true value...

‘U’ offers public support to next president

July 22, 1996

The University Board of Regents and I had a remarkable experience this spring when we asked Minnesotans to tell us what they wanted to see in the next University president. Our experience proved that...