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Annual literary journal expands, guides similar U publications

Published May 3, 2000

After numerous undergraduate literary journals struggled, came and went over the years, a group of English majors came together four years ago and created the Wayfarer, an annual publishing of undergraduate...

Attendants say University lots fill too quickly

Published April 14, 2000

Every day between 75,000 and 80,000 people come to the University, according to Parking and Transportation Services. But for many of them, their first worry isn't class or meetings, it's finding a parking...

Students take part in testing for depression

Published October 8, 1999

On a gloomy, rainy Thursday morning, counselors screened at least 37 University students to see if their dark moods constituted clinical depression. As part of National Depression Screening Day, University...

U nutrition program celebrates anniversary

Published September 15, 1999

Although some people don't eat well, many do know the importance of good, nutritious meals. Yet for some, just learning how to eat healthy is an issue. Today the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program...

College of Natural Resources receives new funding for studies

Published September 10, 1999

When Frank Brookes Hubachek Sr. bought a pine forest on the shores of Basswood Lake in 1937, he wanted to learn more about his new land. He went to Frank Kaufert, former dean of the University's College...

$10 million gift donated for U facility

Published September 8, 1999

A Minneapolis-based agricultural company will give the University $10 million to create a new Microbial and Plant Genomics Institute on the St. Paul campus, University President Mark Yudof announced Tuesday. Cargill's...

Large liver tumors treated with new University device

Published September 7, 1999

Liver cancer patients in the Twin Cities now have another treatment option at the University. Physicians have begun using a Food and Drug Administration-approved device to kill cancer cells in larger liver...

University technology repairs animal genes

Published September 7, 1999

Technology developed at the University and published in the Aug. 31 issue of the journal, "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences," has shown that repairing genes in animals is possible. This...

Women’s center celebrates 40th anniversary at U

Published September 1, 1999

While planning a celebration of the nation's first women's center, University students searching for information about its opening found scant media coverage. Now the Minnesota Women's Center celebrates...

Dorm life takes

Published August 23, 1999

Leaving familiar territory for the unknowns of college can be intimidating. But by following some simple advice, the transition can be made easier. Mary Ann Ryan, director of Housing and Residential Life,...

City kids care for calves at University farm camp

Published August 13, 1999

Kids milled about a barn Wednesday, feeding calves milk from oversized baby bottles; others replaced old water with fresh water or dumped grain into the calves' feeders. As participants in a new University...

Two U alumni honored with agricultural awards

Published August 11, 1999

When Richard Barnes was a young man pitching potatoes in Germany, he never anticipated his blistered hands would one day hold an award for his work. Barnes was one of two people presented with the first...

Songbird release benefits U’s center

Published August 9, 1999

Eleven songbirds flew to their freedom at noon Saturday from the wetlands behind the Minnetonka All Seasons Wild Bird Store. This event marked the first time the University's Wildlife Rehabilitation Center...

Research reveals earth’s climate can change suddenly

Published July 30, 1999

Extreme temperature changes, high rainfalls and excessive heat are not only a result of humans' impact on the environment, but can also occur in a natural way and in a short time. A University study found...

Coffman gets preview of Fringe Festival

Published July 28, 1999

The lick of summer's heat encased in an annual performing arts festival offered the University community a taste of the Twin Cities' creative offerings. Coffman Union presented two previews of "Plays with...

Study indicates increase in blood pressure and weight in children

Published July 23, 1999

Weight and blood pressure are increasing among children between the ages of 10 and 14 according to a recent University study. The report, completed by the University's School of Public Health, took the...

Physicists to break ground underground

Published July 20, 1999

Scientists and government officials will go a half mile below the earth's surface today to break ground on a lab that could solve the mysteries surrounding subatomic particles called neutrinos. The under-ground...

Postal workers’ food drive to begin Saturday

Published May 7, 1999

Spring cleaning means more than just cleaning out the cabinets -- it also means cleaning out the cupboards. And this weekend, getting rid of hidden cans of food will be as easy as putting them next to...

Students discuss NATO policies

Published April 22, 1999

With the possibility of the United States sending ground troops to Kosovo in support of NATO, the crisis in the former Yugoslavia is hitting closer to home. And although thousands of miles away from the...

Exhibit tells stories of domestic abuse

Published April 12, 1999

Standing in a room next to the Silent Witnesses, an exhibit she helped create, Patricia Weaver Francisco's voice choked as she read aloud from her new book on Friday in Coffman Union. "Telling: A Memoir...

Daughters prepare for careers by following moms to work

Published April 24, 1998

For Anya Benda, the best part of Thursday's Take Our Daughters to Work Day wasn't a lesson about women's career aspirations. It was the silly putty the Society of Women Engineers made. "I liked putting...