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The Planned Parent-hoodwink

April 18, 2011

The recent Republican budget proposal that included a provision to federally defund Planned Parenthood has left lawmakers exchanging emotionally charged, though often factually deficient barbs. Having...

Paul: Pawlenty’s primary problem

April 4, 2011

Following the establishment of Tim PawlentyâÄôs 2012 presidential exploratory committee, political pundits rightly pointed out the profile disparity that separates T-Paw from more familiar GOP...

Don’t touch my bulbs

March 10, 2011

If the identities of years past are best preserved in cute little catchphrases like "DonâÄôt Tase me, bro," and, "IâÄôm not bipolar, IâÄôm bi-winning," then 2011 may well be remembered...

University of Minnesota alumna Allen Kathir is running against four other candidates for Minneapolis City Council Ward 3.

Alumnus runs for City Council

September 24, 2009

At 24, Allen Kathir isn't your typical college graduate in search of just any job. This University of Minnesota alumnus is campaigning against four other candidates for Minneapolis City Council Ward 3,...

$87 billion bill for student aid

September 23, 2009

An $87 billion bill is currently waiting in the U.S. Senate and could pave the way for the largest student aid reform in more than 40 years. The Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act is part of President...

St. Paul looks to crack down on underage drinking

September 20, 2009

The St. Paul City Council is considering adopting a social host ordinance that would make it a misdemeanor for adults to knowingly provide a venue for underage drinking . As of now, Minnesota law makes...

Owners scrutinize light rail housing options

September 17, 2009

As construction for the Central Corridor light-rail transit draws nearer, so does the issue of housing along University Avenue. St. Paul Mayor Chris ColemanâÄôs policy director, Nancy Homans, is...

St. Paul holding primaries Tuesday

September 14, 2009

Voters are going to the polls Tuesday to narrow down the candidates in NovemberâÄôs mayoral race in St. Paul. There are currently four candidates seeking the position, including incumbent DFL Mayor...