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Distinguished professor, 94, dies; received numerous geology awards

Published May 7, 1999

The "father of modern sedimentology," distinguished University alumnus and instructor, Francis J. Pettijohn passed away in Glen Arm, Md., on April 23. He was 94. Recipient of numerous international awards...

Professor’s work is a family affair

Published February 25, 1997

Door decorations outside of Professor of Chemistry George Barany's office speak volumes about his values. His children's drawings add color to the ivory wall on the right. Black-and-white clippings of...

Institute features top-notch physicists

Published January 29, 1997

The 1980s were a decade of big science and political upheaval. The combination of free-flowing funds for scientific research and the collapse of the Cold War political order led to the establishment of...

Prof provides perspectives on earth’s age

Published January 24, 1997

Earth formed like a snowball collecting material over about 100 million years, said Professor Claude Allegre of the University of Paris, before the first of his two lectures on Thursday. Allegre spoke...

Nation pays attention to U experts on welfare reform

Published January 22, 1997

When a pair of University faculty members speak, people listen. People like Uncle Sam, the Minnesota Legislature and Cornell University. All three institutions -- and others across the country -- will...

Conference examines helping students

Published January 21, 1997

Increased collaboration among schools, social workers and families might help failing or mistreated K-12 students, said Cynthia Bailey-Dempsey, an assistant professor of social work at Columbia University. Bailey-Dempsey...

All mapped out: New master’splan could be first of its kind

Published January 15, 1997

Rooftops, like red currants, dot a computer screen. With a swift mouse click, Howard Veregin, a University assistant professor of geography, changes the aerial city scene into a crayon-colored map. The...

Professor integrates music and art in her teaching, writing

Published January 15, 1997

Associate professor of music education Claire Wehr McCoy rolled her chair over to the piano in her Ferguson Hall office and played a few bars of Bach while describing the similar structure between the...

Geology professor goes on tour

Published January 15, 1997

Millions of years speed by within minutes in a movie created in a University laboratory. The movie depicts changes in the Rio Grande Rift, an area in New Mexico. Hot springs that had existed for millennia...

SPAN members reflect on 50 years at U

Published May 30, 1996

Photos of smiling participants in the Student Project for Amity among Nations sit on Professor Theofanis Stavrou's file cabinet. A collection of theses written by SPANners after their time abroad rests...