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Professor wants to humanize schools, society

May 28, 1996

Flute music fills a room lit only by natural light, and the cleansing ceremony begins as students breathe deeply the smoke from the burning sage blown toward them with a feather. The music stops. Every...

Hasselmo, Carlson: Keep state competitive in technology

May 23, 1996

Universities, businesses and government need to collaborate in order for future growth to occur in Minnesota's computer industry. This theme, often heard in discussions among University, business and...

Students and artists at the U’s foundry find iron a hot medium

May 20, 1996

In a large, dark, garage-like room, flames rage in a huge, round furnace while artists clad like firefighters in leather pour molten iron -- so hot it glows and oozes like lava -- into the dozens of art...

Telescopes could save the planet

May 16, 1996

The work of the Hubble telescope in examining space could be easily outdone within 10 to 15 years by something cheaper, lighter and more effective at predicting the paths of asteroids, meteorites and...