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The singer is total ego

Published July 1, 2002

We look like acid-dropping homosexuals!" It is after dark on the campus of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and the members of local knob-twiddlers Victoria are laughing at the results of an impromptu...

Leaves of Three, Let Them Be

Published May 28, 2002

It's a near-perfect spring day when I meet the members of Leaves at the art-kid hangout Spyhouse. Leaves, self-described "children of nature," are a young trio formerly known as The Jane Lady. The name...

Keeping It Real for the Kids

Published April 30, 2002

On a blustery April day, Brock Davis and David Salmela of the local indie pop band Work of Saws strolled into the Dunn Brothers coffee shop on 9th Street and Nicollet Avenue in Minneapolis. "You'll never...

A new angle on pop

Published February 19, 2002

Trying to make it as a musician is like holding your hand in a flame as long as you can take it," Brian Tester of local band Triangle says while holding his hand out over his cup of coffee at Cahoots Coffee...

Mark Mallman proves he’s not just a serious songwriter

Published November 6, 2001

Why should we be in such desperate haste to succeed, and in such desperate enterprises?" Henry David Thoreau ponders in Walden. In his seminal 1854 novel, Thoreau retreats to the forest to find freedom...

Powell has best advice for Bush

Published September 21, 2001

This is not World War II, not the Vietnam war and this is certainly not Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld's kind of war. Terrorist organizations draw strength from their small size and low visibility,...

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