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Finding time for Ramadan isn’t easy

July 30, 2014

For 1.5 billion people worldwide, Ramadan has just drawn to a close. With so many observing the Muslim month of fasting, charity and reflection, it’s a hugely collective phenomenon — even at...

A hidden health hazard

July 23, 2014

A surprising amount of a student’s day, whether we’re in class, on the bus, in the dining hall or studying, involves sitting. We spend more time in seats than on our feet, and it’s so...

Make research more accessible

July 9, 2014

A group of classmates and I received an assignment last semester: design a research project and describe the experiment that would accompany it. We chose an experiment that would test the effects of installing...

Minneapolis bans wastfeul containers

July 2, 2014

Disposability is an expectation so ingrained in most of us that it takes effort to recognize it. When we buy a takeout meal or a gas station coffee, we assume that someone else will take care of our leftover...

A warning to chronic under-eaters

June 18, 2014

It’s common knowledge that if you want to lose weight, you should just limit yourself to 1,200 calories a day. Health and fitness sources nearly universally recommend this number. At this level of...

Polarization on climate change helps no one

June 11, 2014

Under President Barack Obama’s direction, the Environmental Protection Agency released a proposal for stricter regulations to curb power plant pollution last week. The Clean Power Plan would require...