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Wind, not war: toward an alternate power source

Published May 6, 2003

In March 2001, then-Alaska Sen. (now Gov.) Frank Murkowski introduced legislation to open the Coastal Plain of northeastern Alaska - part of the 19.8 million-acre Arctic National Wildlife Refuge - to drilling...

‘Every one can master a grief but he that has it’

Published April 23, 2003

On March 14, my father was given 45 minutes by his employer to clear his desk and vacate his office. He was fired by the board of trustees of his company. The three trustees who orchestrated the action...

Homeland security loses local leader

Published April 9, 2003

He is a tireless worker for human rights in Minnesota, often simultaneously championing the efforts of many causes on this campus and in the community at large. On one day you might see him speak in front...

Telling the truth about the media

Published March 14, 2003

I read with interest Audra Harpel's Monday column titled "Daily ignores conservative viewpoints." Harpel is correct to take on the meaning of the word "objective." Given her concerns, I would urge Harpel...

How to price words and things

Published February 26, 2003

In 1988, a group of investors including Pat Riley, then-head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, filed papers with the United States Patent and Trademark Office to register the sports word "three-peat" under...

Chino Latino’s racism is not palatable

Published February 4, 2003

Chino Latino, the restaurant on Hennepin Avenue and Lake Street in Minneapolis' Uptown neighborhood that serves eclectic, "international" fare, has done it again. The restaurant produced another insulting...

What else is Xcel hiding?

Published January 21, 2003

Each month I underpay my Xcel Energy electricity bill by $5. I attach a sticker to my payment that states that the "human and environmental costs of power from Manitoba Hydro (in Canada) are too high." Minnesota...

Thanksgiving: Just another day of empire

Published November 26, 2002

The other day, Minnesota Public Radio aired a documentary that asked the following question: "Is the United States becoming an empire?" I chuckled to myself and immediately thought every student at the...

University gains president, loses ethics

Published November 11, 2002

Outrageous!" exclaimed many people here at the University as our Board of Regents announced last Monday that they would not abide by Minnesota's "sunshine" open meeting law. Days later, the board announced...

University participation fails native peoples

Published October 21, 2002

Last Friday, the University celebrated Columbus Day in a fashion reminiscent of times past. We were painfully reminded that institutionalized racism is alive and well; the decision to violate traditional...

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