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On the way out

July 16, 2008

Those in the Bush Administration have long sung the praises of democracy. We want to spread freedom in the Middle East, after all. We were inspired by photographs of Iraqi citizens showing off their purple...

Fight for our right?

June 18, 2008

There's nothing quite like singing "Wonderwall" in a packed subway car. Effective June 1, the city of London banned all alcohol on public transportation. We might be surprised that boozing in the Underground...

The way forward

May 8, 2008

At last, the Democratic nomination process appears to be winding down. On Tuesday, Sen. Barack Obama won a convincing primary victory in North Carolina and nearly took home the crown in Indiana as well....

Economic irresponsibility

May 1, 2008

Somehow, Sen. John McCain has managed to assume the banner of "economic responsibility." Perhaps it's just because Republicans are assumed to be stingier with the federal budget, but regardless of the...

Curing our sick system

April 24, 2008

Pennsylvania, unsurprisingly, told us nothing. The Democrats are no closer to choosing a presidential nominee; Sen. Hillary Clinton won, but not by enough to make any serious dent in Sen. Barack Obama's...

An elite matter

April 17, 2008

Sometimes, our national discourse seems hopeless. It may seem trite to complain about the mainstream coverage of the presidential campaign, but in reality we cannot afford to just accept the status quo....