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Sports: as important as oxygen

August 11, 2004

Recently, I met a far-flung second cousin (once-removed) for the first time. During our conversation, he asked me a question I've been asked many times: "What's your favorite sport?" This query generally...

Poker: new sport of the annoying masses

July 28, 2004

Several months ago, I wrote : "Anybody who says poker is a sport is an idiot." At the time, I might have been on top, or perhaps even ahead, of the curve with my condemnation. After all, with the exception...

New sports world order

July 14, 2004

Next month, the United States sends a gigantic delegation to the Summer Olympics in Greece. Attending will be the usual collection of athletes, famous only once every four years unless they're involved...

NBA needs minor league system

June 30, 2004

The NHL draft was held last Saturday, a rite of summer few south of the Mason-Dixon Line notice. What wasn't mentioned from the draft podium, but was almost certainly mentioned in every relevant television...